Vastu shastras, is the indian traditional form of architecture astrology which describes layout designs, measurements and placements in a site, a house is a temple and one should always consider vastu tips and advice while building his/her dream house or commercial site, if there is any doshas in site there are chances owner of the site and his family can be affected as well from doshas which can affected their health, career, inner peace and studies of children as well. Some of the vastu tips are below:

  1. Stairs should be on the west-side of the site.
  2. Brahmasthan (Centre point) of site should not be covered by any object.
  3. Sink (dish washer) and Gas Stove should not be in same shelf.
  4. Kitchen should be constructed on east side of the house.
  5. Bedroom of head of the house should be on the north side of the site.

Above listed points are few points need to be consider, there are many which needs to be seen, Building a house ? Contact Ashok Sharma to get vastu tips now. Book Appointment.